Before the beginning

I remember as a young girl forcing my parents to let me watch ‘The Lion King’ and once it had finished, forcing them to rewind it and play it again for me. I know this happened many times during a prolonged period during one day, and I imagine it happened nearly every day. I loved this film and to this day it is still my number one all time favourite film, after all it has to be seems as my 17 year old cat is called Nala.

It came apparent to my parents that I was learning from this film when my dad and I were watching a TV program on animal migrations (i may have only been 3 or 4 ish) The crocodiles were killing the zebras and my Daddy decided that it was probably not a good idea for a young child to be watching this, however I proceeded to tell him not to turn it over because the crocodile needed to eat too as it was ‘The circle of life’. Needless to say it was then my parents had decided that I was going to, in some way, work with animals.

As I grew older and more aware of what I was watching, it was noted that I had a particular love for ‘Animal Hospital’ with Rolf Harris. Now any animal lover will say that this probably inspired them to work with animals, as it did so for me. At around this age, most schools will be asking their students what job they would like to do when they are ‘grown up’. I imagine that the majority of kids would have changed their ambition from then many times, mine did not.

I remember at school around the age of ten when I knew that all I wanted to do was be a vet (although at this stage im not sure if I completely understood what it took to be a Vet let alone knew what they did) I would take my cat to the vets with my Mum but I don’t think I ever realised all the jobs they had to do! My friends would say, “but being a vet you have to put animals to sleep, thats like murdering them” my reply would be that it would probably be in the best interest for the animal to be put to sleep in that case and so I wouldnt be murdering them I would be letting them rest. Now I must say, this is pretty open minded, for a girl who was in love with animals and would never want to hurt them or see them die, and pretty smart too.

As I was reaching maturer years and I knew I had to start working hard to achieve the goals I had set for myself, I was most definitely sure that being a vet was what I wanted to do and that there was no way I would not be doing it for a living. The GCSE exams I took were not frightful, however stressed me out and I didn’t achieve the correct grades which the vet schools desire, however I thought this would be rectified with superior A-level grades. Oh how I was wrong. During my As levels there was a lot happening in my life, not that it should be used as an excuse because I should have used it as an incentive to work harder but I was coming out of a relationship where I consider the male in question to be my first love. And I will never forget all the fun times and the love we shared but it was a horrific and bitter ending to something so lovely, and overall it did effect my grades.

I decided that I would not allow this to happen again, and that I needed to put right the wrongs in my acedemic life, so I decided to leave the sixth form and start at college. Here I studied a BTEC Level 3 (equivalent to A-levels) in Animal Management. This is a vocational qualification and although I gained all the knowledge I needed, I also gained valuable experience in handling and working with a wide range of animals. This was so much better, and I didnt have the worries that I had whilst at sixth form. I was excelling in every subject I was taking and was performing with excelence in all the practical tasks.

It was time to apply for university and this was a very terrifying experience. I knew where I wanted to go it was just getting there and proving to them that I was better than any other canidate out there. As you can imagine I was devestated when I was rejected from the two that I applied to. But I was not going to let this affect the way I was working at college and was going to prove to them that they had made the wrong decision. However, I was accepted into one university without needing to go for an interview, and one offered me an interview, to start studying Bioveterinary Science. This is a Degree where we learn all about animals that you would see in veterinary practices or as a vet, however mainly for when working in labs, for example testing on animals, or providing farmers with new medicines or food for their livestock. I went to the interview at Harper Adams University College (HAUC) and when I arrived there (though being completely terrified for the interview)  I fell in love with the surroundings, and the university itself. Set in the rural landscape of Shropshire, the university has been named in the times univeristy league table as number 3 (just under oxford and cambridge) for teaching. This is a big deal for the university so they only want the best students. I felt as though the interview went horribly, I did not feel confident that I was going to make the cut, and so I felt genuinely gutted thinking that I had messed this up. About a month later I recieved a letter telling me how, I had been offered a place on the condition that I achieved D*DD in my diploma. Easy I thought, I knew I had this!

In july once I had finished my diploma I had acheive D*D*D*, the equivalent to 3 A* at A-level. It was then noted that I had more than sucessfully achieved my place at HAUC and would be going to study there in september. Not only this but I was awarded, Student of the year at my college as voted by the students and teachers there. It was thrilling!

I am now starting my lectures at HAUC and although at the moment it seems to be stuff that I already know, it is good to be recapping and therefore jump starting my brain into work mode. I imagine the lectures will start getting hard but for now, I am enjoying being with new people and in new surroundings (though I am home sick, but who isn’t) and I cant wait for this to all continue!

Although I haven’t achieve my goal of being a vet, and wont until I have finished this degree and then another 4 years of univeristy after that, this is a path way to achieving it. I will not stop unitl I am there. The main idea of this blog is to inspire others who have the same dream and may be in the same position as me. My inspiration to keep going (as I thought I should just give up) was my little cousin. She wants to be a vet and shes only 5, she reminds me of how I used to be and I know I will do this and be a MRCVS one day.

Here’s the beginning to what seems to be the start of my dreams.



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This is Wellie and I. She was the last of my 10 babes to hatch, and she is my favourite.

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