Why all men should be castrated…



This report investigates what happens and will explain the necessity of the task ahead, castrating all males. Through the report mentioned in the text and through opinions it can quite clearly be shown that the benefits of castration can be outstanding to women health.


Although the subject of castration is very controversial it should be considered for all male animals, including the men who seem to enjoy making our lives as difficult as possible. Castration is used for various reasons, ranging from stopping reproduction to reducing the levels of testosterone in the animal. However some people have stated that there is a level of pain in the animal when being castrated and therefore think it should be carried out.


In one report written it said:

“Pain is inherently a part of castration and cannot be avoided. The pain of castration occurs first as acute, short-term pain associated with the actual castration procedure. Chronic pain is the longer-lasting pain that occurs in the days following castration until the injury is healed. Minimizing castration-induced pain is important for animal welfare, growth performance, and immune suppression that may be associated with castration. While consideration of acute pain is important, chronic pain should be given more weight when making management decisions due to the length of time chronic pain is experienced” (Carter, 2011)

Although we should always consider how much pain the procedure would cause the males, do they ever consider the pain they put females through? Not only do we have to laugh at their sexist jokes, for example: ‘get in the kitchen and make me sandwich’ or ‘why aren’t you cleaning, go make me a sandwich’ and the list can continue, we have to also put up with them moaning if we are not ‘in the mood’. Castrating the males would dramatically decrease the level of testosterone and therefore decrease the amount of annoyance that they cause us, leaving us to get on with our own needs.

In the same report it stated:

“Researchers from Arkansas and Kansas also point out that intact calves marketed through conventional channels have historically suffered a price discount of around $4.50 to $6.00/cwt. Additionally, researchers from Nebraska have shown that as age of castration increases, weight loss resulting from the procedure increases (Figure 4). Further support for castrating calves as young as possible can be found in another study from Nebraska, which showed that steers castrated at less than 500 lb exhibit greater marbling than steers castrated weighing more than 700 lb.” (Carter, 2011)

And also

“Collectively, these studies suggest that there is no lifetime performance advantage to waiting to castrate calves until weaning, but there is a risk of negatively impacting carcass quality by delaying castration and a high probability of receiving lower prices when marketing intact calves through conventional channels. When considering how age at castration affects animal welfare, the consensus is that the younger the calf is at time of castration, the less impact castration has on its welfare and performance.” (Carter, 2011)

Another huge benefit of castration is the impact it would have on obesity levels. When castration occurs the chance of the animal becoming obese decreases in some animal, whereas in others it causes the animal to gain more weight, however it has been shown that there is better ‘meat quality’ when castration is achieved. Women as a whole would love to have every man stunning and to the correct standard and castrating them would help to achieve this.


To conclude, all men should be castrated for the health of all women. Without the constant nagging that occurs and annoyance that they bring upon us the world between us women would be such a happier place.

To my readers, i am doing this in a light hearted manner and would not like to upset anyone. However i am cross and this has genuinely made me feel better so…Peace out.



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5 Responses to Why all men should be castrated…

  1. maddinaish says:

    I genuinely love this.

  2. maddinaish says:

    Reblogged this on Maddi At Uni and commented:
    Something to make you chuckle (probably not if you’re male).

    You’ve gotta love this girl.

  3. Seb says:

    Wow. Jesus… Wow. Remind me not to get on your bad side. :/

  4. Dale says:

    There was also a study that showed that Chinese Eunuchs lived on average 20 years longer than uncastrated men. I want to keep my balls but it is really hard to argue against the science of the advantages of castrating all human males
    . Growls

  5. Yams says:

    castrating men would leave a lot of lonely women. It would destroy any desire most men would have for any sort of relationship with women as they would be sexually inept. They’d also be really really lazy.

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