My Christmas

So I’ve been very poor at getting round to writing another blog. Since being home for Christmas I’ve had little to no time to do any writing. I’ve been working fitting in seeing my friends that I left at home and also being with the family.

The exams that occurred in week 11 of term were hard, I had revised to the best of my ability and I am hoping that this shows in my grades that I will be given when we return to start the new term next Monday. I am terrified, absolutely terrified to say the least. I just want to do well and prove that I can do this.

At the end of that week I was scheduled to go home on the Friday with one of the boys that live in my flat and this had all been arranged with my mum. However I decided to surprise her by coming home the Thursday evening. I was trying so hard to keep it a secret and when I arrived home I knocked on the door and she answered. She looked like she was going to cry, but because she was happy. I barely got through the door when she gave me the biggest hug. We stayed up really late and then I had to go to bed as I was exhausted and on the Saturday I had to get up for work at 8:15 the next day. This was so tiring, at 5:30 I finished my shift, drove home, had dinner and by 6:30 I was on the road to go to my other job as a waitress. I love both of my jobs but my god I was tired. I didn’t finish until 10:30 so had a pretty long day and then to top it off I went back to work on the Saturday and worked another 4 hour shift. I worked a lot over Christmas and have my last shift before Easter tomorrow, and I even worked Christmas day!

During being home my car broke down, it has been fixed now thank god but it was still very annoying as it meant my parents had to drive me or I had to walk!

Before starting work on Christmas I opened all my present in the morning, I got lots of nice things, including a watch some perfume DVDs’ etc. Nothing too big, however, my parent did get me and my sisters a trip to go to the ‘Harry Potter Studios’ in Easter when I get home. I cannot wait!! We were all so excited when we opened these. I went to work and at 3 o’clock I was allowed to go home, as I walked out of the kitchen and into the pub I saw my family just sitting down, they’d just got there and were having a drink so I had one, however just as I sat down I saw my wonderful boyfriend walk into the pub to see me. It was all very good timing. After two gin+lemonades we walked back home and I opened my presents from Daniel. Now this is our second Christmas together and we originally thought our presents would be more extravagant, however as we both don’t have any money we decided to keep it small time.

From me Dan got the ‘Celebrity Juice’ boxset which he loved and I got the One Direction CD, a Michael Buble calendar and the best present was a pillow with a cow head on and you can turn it into a cuddly toy, however Daniel took the insides out and put a hot water bottle in there! It’s wonderful.

Since then I’ve been working hard but now I can’t wait to get back to Harper, I’m missing Maddi and some others. I’ve loved having my mum do everything for me since being back however I’m missing that independence and continuing my journey to veterinary.

‘Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.’ Thomas Jefferson 



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One Response to My Christmas

  1. maddinaish says:

    I MISS YOU TOO HOLLLLIEEEEEEE ❤ See you in 6 daysss!!! 😀 xxxx (Or 5, can't really count)

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