Vets, vets, vets…

As most people are aware, ‘Rolf’s Animal Clinic’ has broadcasted a few episodes now and I am managing to keep up to date with them. I decided to watch this, not only because I enjoy the feeling of being taken back to when I used to watch ‘Animal Hospital’ but also because I like to watch the surgeries that take place. (Crude, I know) This program is much more in depth and graphic compared to ‘Animal Hospital’ but I do believe this is a factor for enjoying it so much.

It is making me crave for Vet school though. And though I know this is my dream and my future, it’s making me want to go right now! It’s not fair that I was unable to get a place at either of the places I applied to. I am one for believing all that happens, happens for a reason, and therefore as much as I was devastated about this decision I was obviously meant to attend at HAUC.

I will never ever give up on my dream of becoming a vet and no matter how hard and how long it takes to get there, I will and I will not let anybody stop me. The definition of passion is ‘a very powerful feeling’. Getting to vet school and qualifying into an MRCVS is my passion.

I am very lucky to have got a place a HAUC and I am grateful for everything they will allow me to do, and for the time being it is right being here, and I do enjoy it here and I am happy. But I will never leave this passion behind.

As I’m sat here watching what my future holds, I can not help but feel emotional. I want to cry, I want to smile. But most of all I feel proud of what I want to achieve, what I will achieve and what I am to become.

My inspiration is my drive to do achieve everything I dream of. If its that important to you, you wont ever give up, no matter what.



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I am going to be a vet
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One Response to Vets, vets, vets…

  1. sailormads says:

    “@butterfly_north: read it. I hope she gets to be a vet one day. Never give up on your dreams. #onelifeliveit x”

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