Dear Pops…

Okay so this is a bit sad but I want to write a letter to my granddad that passed away when I was 11. This has been kind of prompted by the ‘Write a letter to your 14 year old self’ idea but it’s obviously different, but something I feel would be good to write about. So here goes…

Hi Pops,

It feels like forever since we last spoke, I wish I would have done something like this sooner, maybe written letters to you every year and put them in my box full of your memorabilia, or maybe written something short and when going to visit Nanny Marge say it to you so you could hear it.

There’s been so much happen in the past 8 years we’ve been parted. But all at the same time it feels like there’s been hardly any time. I landed in hospital not long after you passed nothing too serious and I was discharged the next day. The girls were so frightened, even though I was only there during the night. It was so soon afterwards that they were scared I would pass away too. The next year seemed to fly by because before I knew it I was back in hospital but this time I was having my appendix taken out. Nanny Marge wrote me a card on my return home, she told me that she had spoken to dad and was hoping that I would get better soon. I was going on holiday 2 weeks or so after my operation and she enclosed £5 each for Megan, Catrina and I. The holiday wasn’t the best of fun for me as I was unable to take part in any of the activities due to the operation. Thank god I had my appendix removed though; it was causing so much trouble.

After this we moved house, around 40 minutes away from where we lived before. It’s such a beautiful placed we moved to, a little bungalow with a huge garden. Dad could finally get a dog now! We extended the house to double its size because it only had two bedrooms which meant I had to share a room with both of the girls, as you can imagine the room was never tidy and all we ever did was fight. We all have our own rooms now, however they are not tidy! And we did get a dog, Mutley; he’s a Jack Russell, though we believe he’s crossed with something! He’s wonderful and so cute, I wish you could have met him, Maddie and Jay didn’t really like him too much, but this is because they were much older than him. Pops I’m really sorry but they’ve both gone now too, Jay first then Maddie, but they did live to great ages and Nanny Marge handled it so well.

So because we moved house we moved schools, now whilst this wasn’t really a bother for Catrina, it was for Megan and I. We already had a set group of friends at our previous location and I was so frightened to move and have to make new ones. Though I did, and I am still very close to one, Ellie, now. I stayed there until 6th form; this is where we studied for our A-levels. My GCSE grades were okay… 6Bs 3Cs and 1D. Not great and I know you would have pushed me harder to get better ones. My A-level grades are shocking though. I know you’re going to scream when you hear this, but little Hollie fell ‘in love’, and the year and a bit that we were together were some very good times, but our messy break up meant that I messed up my exams. This is my own fault and I shall not blame it on him. I should have been more focused.

So I left the school. I decided to go to college and do my diploma, my god did I excel. Triple Distinction*, that’s the equivalent of 3 A*s at A-level. However I gained so much experience here. And Pops, I got in to university. I didn’t get into vet school no, and I know you would have protested at anyone who stood in my way, but I didn’t. Instead I’ve gone to Harper Adams University College, and I’m studying Bioveterinary science. I can go onto veterinary afterwards so don’t you worry. I’m still going to be a vet.

There’s so much more to say Pops. Things were so hard without you there, especially at the beginning. I know it’s trivial but I miss Nanny Marge’s roast dinners. We don’t have them anymore, we go out instead, now this is lovely and I enjoy it but it’s not the same. There are so many things I miss, like you coming to our house with a ton of ‘coca-cola’ cans which Megan and I would fight over who got to sat on. I miss you and my dad fighting about politics, whilst we would colour in photos. I miss you shouting at us for getting freaked out of a non existent ghost in the cupboard.

I miss you so bad. There’s not a single day that I don’t think of you or see/hear something that reminds me of you and I really wish you were here now to tell me how proud of me you are. Although I know you are watching over me and smiling about how I’ve turned out, whether it’s good or bad.

I love you Pops. I can’t wait to be with you again soon.

Love Hollie



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2 Responses to Dear Pops…

  1. sailormads says:

    Hollie! I’m genuinely sat in my room crying, this is so lovely and emotional and reminds me of my nan and granddad who passed away xxxx

    • hollsboll says:

      Aww Maddi 😦 I cried writing it. But it felt good to write it I”m glad it reminded you of your grandparents, though it’s sad. They shall never be forgotten. xxxxxxxx

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