Why all men should be castrated…



This report investigates what happens and will explain the necessity of the task ahead, castrating all males. Through the report mentioned in the text and through opinions it can quite clearly be shown that the benefits of castration can be outstanding to women health.


Although the subject of castration is very controversial it should be considered for all male animals, including the men who seem to enjoy making our lives as difficult as possible. Castration is used for various reasons, ranging from stopping reproduction to reducing the levels of testosterone in the animal. However some people have stated that there is a level of pain in the animal when being castrated and therefore think it should be carried out.


In one report written it said:

“Pain is inherently a part of castration and cannot be avoided. The pain of castration occurs first as acute, short-term pain associated with the actual castration procedure. Chronic pain is the longer-lasting pain that occurs in the days following castration until the injury is healed. Minimizing castration-induced pain is important for animal welfare, growth performance, and immune suppression that may be associated with castration. While consideration of acute pain is important, chronic pain should be given more weight when making management decisions due to the length of time chronic pain is experienced” (Carter, 2011)

Although we should always consider how much pain the procedure would cause the males, do they ever consider the pain they put females through? Not only do we have to laugh at their sexist jokes, for example: ‘get in the kitchen and make me sandwich’ or ‘why aren’t you cleaning, go make me a sandwich’ and the list can continue, we have to also put up with them moaning if we are not ‘in the mood’. Castrating the males would dramatically decrease the level of testosterone and therefore decrease the amount of annoyance that they cause us, leaving us to get on with our own needs.

In the same report it stated:

“Researchers from Arkansas and Kansas also point out that intact calves marketed through conventional channels have historically suffered a price discount of around $4.50 to $6.00/cwt. Additionally, researchers from Nebraska have shown that as age of castration increases, weight loss resulting from the procedure increases (Figure 4). Further support for castrating calves as young as possible can be found in another study from Nebraska, which showed that steers castrated at less than 500 lb exhibit greater marbling than steers castrated weighing more than 700 lb.” (Carter, 2011)

And also

“Collectively, these studies suggest that there is no lifetime performance advantage to waiting to castrate calves until weaning, but there is a risk of negatively impacting carcass quality by delaying castration and a high probability of receiving lower prices when marketing intact calves through conventional channels. When considering how age at castration affects animal welfare, the consensus is that the younger the calf is at time of castration, the less impact castration has on its welfare and performance.” (Carter, 2011)

Another huge benefit of castration is the impact it would have on obesity levels. When castration occurs the chance of the animal becoming obese decreases in some animal, whereas in others it causes the animal to gain more weight, however it has been shown that there is better ‘meat quality’ when castration is achieved. Women as a whole would love to have every man stunning and to the correct standard and castrating them would help to achieve this.


To conclude, all men should be castrated for the health of all women. Without the constant nagging that occurs and annoyance that they bring upon us the world between us women would be such a happier place.

To my readers, i am doing this in a light hearted manner and would not like to upset anyone. However i am cross and this has genuinely made me feel better so…Peace out.


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So here’s what I’ve been up to…

I have been useless at writing my blog.

Anyway, I’m back at HAU and finally getting back into the swing of things. I enjoyed walking back into the flat and being greeting by Maddi, however as the evening went on and my grandparents left me to get on with what I needed to get on I felt really sad. I was really enjoying being at home and I soon realised that I really missed my home and especially my mum. However after a few days I felt fine again and I was going on about my days like I’d never been at home.

Soon after re-starting lectures we got our results from our exams back. I was crapping myself! I did quite well, achieving Bs in both ‘Body systems’ and ‘Large animal management’ I was so chuffed as I thought I was going to fail ‘Body systems’. However in ‘Companion animal management’ I only achieved a C, I’d recently done a practice paper and had it marked at 65% (B) so I was expecting at least this! However I didn’t get that but I still passed.

Now we’re starting our 4th week back here and I honestly do not know where the time has gone. In two weeks time it will be my birthday and I will be turning 20! BLOODY HELL. My younger sister likes to tell me how old I’m getting as she’s only 11! Maddi’s parents are taking us away the weekend before my birthday so I’m really looking forward to this and then Daniel will be visiting for my birthday. It’s going to be one hell of a week!!

I’m still continuing my journey and more than ever it seems achievable. I will reach it!

So I’ve decided that I should make more effort with my blog making it a more regular thing, instead of leaving it ages and then having to write essays so everyone knows what I’ve been up to.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined’  Henry David Thoreau



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My Christmas

So I’ve been very poor at getting round to writing another blog. Since being home for Christmas I’ve had little to no time to do any writing. I’ve been working fitting in seeing my friends that I left at home and also being with the family.

The exams that occurred in week 11 of term were hard, I had revised to the best of my ability and I am hoping that this shows in my grades that I will be given when we return to start the new term next Monday. I am terrified, absolutely terrified to say the least. I just want to do well and prove that I can do this.

At the end of that week I was scheduled to go home on the Friday with one of the boys that live in my flat and this had all been arranged with my mum. However I decided to surprise her by coming home the Thursday evening. I was trying so hard to keep it a secret and when I arrived home I knocked on the door and she answered. She looked like she was going to cry, but because she was happy. I barely got through the door when she gave me the biggest hug. We stayed up really late and then I had to go to bed as I was exhausted and on the Saturday I had to get up for work at 8:15 the next day. This was so tiring, at 5:30 I finished my shift, drove home, had dinner and by 6:30 I was on the road to go to my other job as a waitress. I love both of my jobs but my god I was tired. I didn’t finish until 10:30 so had a pretty long day and then to top it off I went back to work on the Saturday and worked another 4 hour shift. I worked a lot over Christmas and have my last shift before Easter tomorrow, and I even worked Christmas day!

During being home my car broke down, it has been fixed now thank god but it was still very annoying as it meant my parents had to drive me or I had to walk!

Before starting work on Christmas I opened all my present in the morning, I got lots of nice things, including a watch some perfume DVDs’ etc. Nothing too big, however, my parent did get me and my sisters a trip to go to the ‘Harry Potter Studios’ in Easter when I get home. I cannot wait!! We were all so excited when we opened these. I went to work and at 3 o’clock I was allowed to go home, as I walked out of the kitchen and into the pub I saw my family just sitting down, they’d just got there and were having a drink so I had one, however just as I sat down I saw my wonderful boyfriend walk into the pub to see me. It was all very good timing. After two gin+lemonades we walked back home and I opened my presents from Daniel. Now this is our second Christmas together and we originally thought our presents would be more extravagant, however as we both don’t have any money we decided to keep it small time.

From me Dan got the ‘Celebrity Juice’ boxset which he loved and I got the One Direction CD, a Michael Buble calendar and the best present was a pillow with a cow head on and you can turn it into a cuddly toy, however Daniel took the insides out and put a hot water bottle in there! It’s wonderful.

Since then I’ve been working hard but now I can’t wait to get back to Harper, I’m missing Maddi and some others. I’ve loved having my mum do everything for me since being back however I’m missing that independence and continuing my journey to veterinary.

‘Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.’ Thomas Jefferson 


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The feeling of home…

So as the last day of full lectures starts for freshers today with the evening drawing to a close with the Christmas ball, one has noticed how drained everyone seems to be. Harper is usually a place of fun and cheer (even on a Thursday after the main bar session the previous night) but the past few days everyone, including myself, have been preparing for the onset of exams starting Monday.

Whilst some are panicking, saying they should have done more, what else is there you can do other than study harder in the last few days there are. I want more so than ever to be home now, everything would seem to mould back. However, for one more week I am here, using all my energy to study and concentrate on the exams that are approaching.

I still require this feeling of being whole and here that can’t be achieved. I’m a work-a-holic and there’s nothing more that I love then pushing myself to the limit, physically draining all my energy providing for others. I need the home comforts too, how can you feel home when everyone you love and the animal companions you cherish are not by your side encouraging you and supporting you to carry out every task you desire.

Harper is a stepping stone in my life, getting my degree here will push me further towards my career plan and dream. I know one day and believe this was only one small step, but right now this seems to be such a huge leap. The little girl inside me just wants to be by the fire with mum and dad not giving a care to the world.

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You are on your own. And you know what you know. And you are the one who’ll decide where to go.

Dr. Seuss

We are born to believe everything we desire in life will come when we want, like a present from Santa. Reality is, we have to work hard to achieve our dreams, for some this is overwhelming, for others they thrive.

I will thrive. I will achieve.


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Vets, vets, vets…

As most people are aware, ‘Rolf’s Animal Clinic’ has broadcasted a few episodes now and I am managing to keep up to date with them. I decided to watch this, not only because I enjoy the feeling of being taken back to when I used to watch ‘Animal Hospital’ but also because I like to watch the surgeries that take place. (Crude, I know) This program is much more in depth and graphic compared to ‘Animal Hospital’ but I do believe this is a factor for enjoying it so much.

It is making me crave for Vet school though. And though I know this is my dream and my future, it’s making me want to go right now! It’s not fair that I was unable to get a place at either of the places I applied to. I am one for believing all that happens, happens for a reason, and therefore as much as I was devastated about this decision I was obviously meant to attend at HAUC.

I will never ever give up on my dream of becoming a vet and no matter how hard and how long it takes to get there, I will and I will not let anybody stop me. The definition of passion is ‘a very powerful feeling’. Getting to vet school and qualifying into an MRCVS is my passion.

I am very lucky to have got a place a HAUC and I am grateful for everything they will allow me to do, and for the time being it is right being here, and I do enjoy it here and I am happy. But I will never leave this passion behind.

As I’m sat here watching what my future holds, I can not help but feel emotional. I want to cry, I want to smile. But most of all I feel proud of what I want to achieve, what I will achieve and what I am to become.

My inspiration is my drive to do achieve everything I dream of. If its that important to you, you wont ever give up, no matter what.


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Dear Pops…

Okay so this is a bit sad but I want to write a letter to my granddad that passed away when I was 11. This has been kind of prompted by the ‘Write a letter to your 14 year old self’ idea but it’s obviously different, but something I feel would be good to write about. So here goes…

Hi Pops,

It feels like forever since we last spoke, I wish I would have done something like this sooner, maybe written letters to you every year and put them in my box full of your memorabilia, or maybe written something short and when going to visit Nanny Marge say it to you so you could hear it.

There’s been so much happen in the past 8 years we’ve been parted. But all at the same time it feels like there’s been hardly any time. I landed in hospital not long after you passed nothing too serious and I was discharged the next day. The girls were so frightened, even though I was only there during the night. It was so soon afterwards that they were scared I would pass away too. The next year seemed to fly by because before I knew it I was back in hospital but this time I was having my appendix taken out. Nanny Marge wrote me a card on my return home, she told me that she had spoken to dad and was hoping that I would get better soon. I was going on holiday 2 weeks or so after my operation and she enclosed £5 each for Megan, Catrina and I. The holiday wasn’t the best of fun for me as I was unable to take part in any of the activities due to the operation. Thank god I had my appendix removed though; it was causing so much trouble.

After this we moved house, around 40 minutes away from where we lived before. It’s such a beautiful placed we moved to, a little bungalow with a huge garden. Dad could finally get a dog now! We extended the house to double its size because it only had two bedrooms which meant I had to share a room with both of the girls, as you can imagine the room was never tidy and all we ever did was fight. We all have our own rooms now, however they are not tidy! And we did get a dog, Mutley; he’s a Jack Russell, though we believe he’s crossed with something! He’s wonderful and so cute, I wish you could have met him, Maddie and Jay didn’t really like him too much, but this is because they were much older than him. Pops I’m really sorry but they’ve both gone now too, Jay first then Maddie, but they did live to great ages and Nanny Marge handled it so well.

So because we moved house we moved schools, now whilst this wasn’t really a bother for Catrina, it was for Megan and I. We already had a set group of friends at our previous location and I was so frightened to move and have to make new ones. Though I did, and I am still very close to one, Ellie, now. I stayed there until 6th form; this is where we studied for our A-levels. My GCSE grades were okay… 6Bs 3Cs and 1D. Not great and I know you would have pushed me harder to get better ones. My A-level grades are shocking though. I know you’re going to scream when you hear this, but little Hollie fell ‘in love’, and the year and a bit that we were together were some very good times, but our messy break up meant that I messed up my exams. This is my own fault and I shall not blame it on him. I should have been more focused.

So I left the school. I decided to go to college and do my diploma, my god did I excel. Triple Distinction*, that’s the equivalent of 3 A*s at A-level. However I gained so much experience here. And Pops, I got in to university. I didn’t get into vet school no, and I know you would have protested at anyone who stood in my way, but I didn’t. Instead I’ve gone to Harper Adams University College, and I’m studying Bioveterinary science. I can go onto veterinary afterwards so don’t you worry. I’m still going to be a vet.

There’s so much more to say Pops. Things were so hard without you there, especially at the beginning. I know it’s trivial but I miss Nanny Marge’s roast dinners. We don’t have them anymore, we go out instead, now this is lovely and I enjoy it but it’s not the same. There are so many things I miss, like you coming to our house with a ton of ‘coca-cola’ cans which Megan and I would fight over who got to sat on. I miss you and my dad fighting about politics, whilst we would colour in photos. I miss you shouting at us for getting freaked out of a non existent ghost in the cupboard.

I miss you so bad. There’s not a single day that I don’t think of you or see/hear something that reminds me of you and I really wish you were here now to tell me how proud of me you are. Although I know you are watching over me and smiling about how I’ve turned out, whether it’s good or bad.

I love you Pops. I can’t wait to be with you again soon.

Love Hollie


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Here we go…

Here at HAUC, the lectures are becoming more developed and I think that the novelty has worn off now, however I am still enjoying them. Most lectures aren’t so bad, this is because the majority of the information we are given is already known by the majority of us, including myself. Though one lecture, ‘Biological Molecule and Genetics’, has been ideally placed on a Thursday morning at 9am after the main student night on the Wednesday. This is not good. I enjoy being a student and living out its lifestyle and because of this it makes Thursday morning hell.


I’m not feeling home sick now, which is great. I believe this is because I have gained a wonderful friend. Maddi, (maddiatharper.wordpress.com) and I have become good friends and spend the majority of our time together, whether it being in our rooms chatting, laughing about others, or in the bar trying busting out our ‘Gangnam style’. I am glad that I have a friend like Maddi here, she has made the last few weeks bearable when I have been feeling low and always has a straight and very smart head on her. I know if I have a problem she will be able to answer it, with great consideration in mind.


Things have been quite haywire since my last blog. However, I imagine they are going to be fine after this weekend when I can have some home comforts. Not only this but I am looking forward to having some medicine too, as I have finally succumb to ‘freshers flu’ and I am most definitely sick. Having a cough which hurts your sore throat even more is not how I planned to feel in the first three weeks.


‘I’ve heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead. Some come from behind. But I’ve bought a big bat I’m all ready you see. Now all my troubles will have troubles with me’ DR Seuss.


This quote, over the past four to five years, has been one which I frequently come to think about. These years have been stressful for me and sometimes very troubling so I believe that this helps me to feel better, and have some motivation to carry on.


I know my blogs seems to be more like essays at the moment and I’m sure I will learn how to cut them down so I am not waffling as much.


We all have the ability to achieve our hopes and dreams; we just have to find the most suitable way of doing so.




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